In the middle of summer, diets that promise weight loss in record time proliferate, the so-called “miracle diets”. The apple, the pineapple, the liquids … There are dozens of options and they all agree on one thing: they involve a lack of vitamins and nutrients that affect the body in general and oral health in particular. Do you want to discover how? Better not risk your health and you risk having yellow teeth, go with your dentist EG Dental Clinic.

Too much acid
Many miracle diets are based on the fruit, a fundamental food for our body but that in excess can have consequences in our mouth. The acid they contain erodes the protective layer that covers the tooth, called dentin, leaving the nerve fibers of the tooth exposed and producing tooth sensitivity.

Lack of calcium
Miracle diets can make you lose kilos, but also teeth. The suppression of milk, yoghurts and cheeses generates a deficit of calcium, which in the long run can result in caries and periodontal disease. The latter can lead to the loss of bone that supports the teeth and the corresponding loss of teeth.

Lack of vitamins
The key to this type of diet is the total elimination of fats, which leads to a deficit of vitamins. The most important for the health of our teeth is vitamin D, essential for the absorption of calcium and to prevent tooth wear. Without vitamins we expose ourselves to the weakening of the periodontal ligament and the maxillary bone, which in the long run can lead to the loss of teeth.

Iron deficiency
Eliminating iron from our diet can be a symptom of anemia, a problem that multiplies the possibility of having infections in the mouth, as the defenses decrease significantly. When this happens, we expose ourselves to bacterial infections around the teeth, which destroy the tissue and bone that supports the teeth in the mouth.

What should you keep in mind when starting a diet?
First of all, you must have the help of a professional to guide you to lose weight by maintaining a balanced diet, which contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts are essential to strengthen immunity and help the body to fight bacteria, protecting our teeth and gums.