When we visit places, we always go looking for restaurants where we can enjoy the best gastronomy that the site we visit has to offer. Therefore, on your next visit to Puerto Peñasco, we want you to be able to not only be inside a comfortable space like the Rocky Point hotels Puerto Peñasco but also to be able to enjoy the best dishes.

El Buzo Seafood & Beer

It is a restaurant where you can enjoy the best of seafood; its various seafood-based dishes are ideal for even the most demanding palates. The concept of this restaurant is different from the competition; in El Buzo, they not only want to sell you quality food, but they want to offer you an experience. The establishment has outdoor tables so that you can enjoy the scenery and have the option of holding large meetings.

Pane e Vino Ristorante

If Italian food is your thing, you’re going to enjoy the food in this place. Within the menu offered by Pane e Vino Ristorante, you will find dishes based on seafood, pasta, and the best of Italian cuisine. The place is divided into two floors, where you can find different foods on each floor. While you enjoy the delicious food, you can contemplate the view that the restaurant offers, because having a terrace, it is possible to enjoy good weather.

Chef Mickey’s Place

It is another of the favorite restaurants of tourists and the locals themselves. The dishes offered at Chef Mickey’s Place are varied. And if you are a person who follows a diet based on pure vegetables or gluten-free, this space is the right one. They also offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The type of food you can find here is German and Belgian type.

Blue Marlin

It’s another restaurant where you can find seafood. Each dish is made with the freshest and best quality ingredients. The attention of the staff working inside Blue Marlin is exceptional, so you will always want to come back to this beautiful restaurant. Blue Marlin has been so famous that it has become one of the favorite restaurants for tourists. Here you can find diversity in the dishes, as well as a family atmosphere.

Mariachis & Tequila Bar and Grill

If you are looking to enjoy or taste Mexican food, this restaurant is the one for you. The varied dishes on the menu make it one of the most attractive restaurants for tourists. Here you can enjoy not only good food but also the best of the drinks that Mexico has to offer. If you want to visit Mariachis & Tequila Bar and Grill, try to get here early because, being a small space, it fills up very quickly.

Candy Cake

If you’re into sweet desserts or breakfasts, you should visit Candy Cake. Within the menu, you will find a wide variety of sweet dishes such as waffles, French bread, desserts, among others. As well as salty foods such as delicious chilaquiles.

Since Puerto Peñasco is a tourist area, it is possible to find a wide variety of restaurants, but if you want to leave with something safe, you can be guided by the recommendations we have just given you. Also, you can get advice from the staff at the place where you are staying or from the people who live in Puerto Peñasco.