Mexico is an excellent tourist destination, not only for its hotel services, but also for its gastronomy, internationally recognized for being one of the most widespread throughout Latin America, in fact, UNESCO has recognized Mexican gastronomy as Intangible heritage of humanity, because in this country you can consume excellent typical dishes that go beyond the tacos and burritos typically associated with this nation.

Corn is a fundamental ingredient of the country’s gastronomy, because the Aztecs extended the use of this cereal, the corn tortilla being one of the most representative components of the country’s gastronomy.

In addition, Mexican cuisine is very diverse, and includes both native ingredients of the American continent such as tomatoes and corn, as well as ingredients of European origin, such as milk, beef and pork. Certainly, this culinary miscegenation makes the country’s cuisine have such a variety of dishes for all tastes and diets.

As for pastries, Mexican gastronomy is not far behind, as there are many sweet dishes in this country, such as alegrías, which consist of amaranth seeds compacted with honey, as well as breads such as the shell, which has a layer on top. made of sugar, butter and flour.

Mexican hotels serve all kinds of typical dishes, which are mostly requested by foreigners, because they have such a high reputation, many people want to try the gastronomy of this country to experiment with new dishes. Todos Santos Hotel highlights this aspect, because they served everything from tacos to shepherd to tlayudas.

Gastronomy and health in Mexico

Health does not have to compromise your enjoyment of Mexican gastronomy, because regardless of whether you have undergone corrective surgery or have undergone weight loss surgery Mexico, the diversity of soft dishes that the country has will help you in your recovery.

Likewise, Mexico has a lot of healthy food, although much of it is rich in fat and meat, this country has a lot of food that can be consumed if you want to go on a diet. 

Such is the case of guacamole, made with avocado in mush and tomato, which is a typical food of this country, and is used as an additive in multiple dishes, but can be consumed as an alternative to meat when you are vegetarian or leave red meat for health reasons, this because avocado is a good source of protein.

Mexican cuisine is also rich in vegetables such as onion, garlic, carrots, among others, and condiments such as rosemary, as well as legumes such as beans, lentils and peas, which provide vegetable proteins to those who eat them.

In addition, due to the hot and desert climate of the northern states of Mexico, such as Durango or Coahuila, the nopal (a type of cactus) and its fruit, the Tuna, are a quintessential Mexican food, which is an excellent source of potassium. Ideal to improve your health!