Since the beginning of recorded time, people have always associated food and celebration together. There is love in the food we eat, and being able to find the right Italian restaurant in Austin that offers an environment and menu appropriate for your occasion is crucial to your celebration. If your heart is set on finding the best Austin Italian restaurants, this article is intended to help you navigate the options and make a short list of potential winners.

First, Why Austin Italian Restaurants?

Dining in Austin (and specifically Italian restaurants) is a safe and rewarding options, regardless of the occasion, for a number of reasons. If you live in one of Austin’s amazing suburbs like Lakeway or Cedar Park, you may be tempted to find a dining spot close to home for the sake of convenience. But is “convenient and close to home” a closer reflection of everyday life, or an adventurous change to help mark a special occasion? If you live outside of Austin, heading into the city will provide a nice change of pace and make the night feel extra special. And if you live in Austin’s city limits, you are already in the meca for finding amazing Italian restaurants.

Why Italian restaurants. Italian restaurants are very special because they are ideal for any occasion, and they satisfy a variety of taste buds. Italian food is ideal for romantic occasions like an anniversary, date, or if you plan to propose marriage. It is also great for large parties of people because, afterall, who doesn’t love pasta? And if you do have pasta haters in your party, the best Austin Italian restaurants have steak, seafood and pizza. If there are children in your party a good authentic cheese pizza would be ideal for them. And whether the adults are meat-eaters of staunch vegetarians, no problem, any top Austin Italian restaurant will have multiple options.

If your special occasion is work-related, dining on the patio will offer excitement and a fun atmosphere. In fact, many of the best Austin Italian restaurants allow parties to book patios or special rooms for private dining.

What Defines the Top Italian Restaurant?

There are a number of good Austin Italian restaurants in the city, but how can you tell the great from the good? When vetting Austin Italian restaurants for your special celebration, make sure they meet this criteria:

  • Pasta is handmade
  • They have a robust wine list
  • They offer special entertainment on select nights
  • There is a patio dining option
  • They have authentic pizza
  • They serve gelato (it’s the best Austin ice cream)
  • The chef is from Italy (or at least was trained there)
  • The ambiance is suitable for mixed occasions
  • They have select Amari and Vermouth
  • A great cocktail list
  • Private dining options

If you can find an Austin Italian restaurant that offers all of these, than you have found a winner to be used for multiple future occasion types, including your upcoming celebration!