Customized food trucks are the future of the foodservice industry. High-end custom food trucks are designed for the preparation and distribution of quality meals in a carefully controlled environment. Legion food trucks are individually designed to meet the needs of a new breed of creative chefs using the highest quality commercial grade materials. Each specialized truck comes with a one-year warranty.

The Popular Food Truck

Mobile food service trucks originally served work sites, including construction and film production locations. They expanded to urban areas where they served special breakfasts and lunches to people in office buildings and other city locations. They established special sites although they can go anywhere this service is allowed by local laws. This includes parking lots, fairs, meetings, and convention sites. They can be found near parks and open-air markets.

They continue to be inspected by local health departments, and they must comply with local ordinances and other regulations. They are businesses licensed by cities and counties. Legion helps new custom food truck owners with licenses, permits, and health department compliance.

These popular food services are now busier than ever since many restaurants have closed due to coronavirus restrictions. People can order from the food truck’s online menu or by phone and pick up their food when it is ready.  Some food trucks have their own apps. Cuisine from the trucks offers an alternative to the drive-thru franchises.

Specialized Cuisine

Due to space limitations, a food truck may not offer a menu that is as extensive as a restaurant. Many restaurants forced to close now use food trucks to offer their customers their signature dishes when possible.

Many food trucks offer regional or special foods. Legion Food Trucks are designed to help the owners prepare their specialties. This includes Asian dishes, Italian, and Latin American foods along with barbecue dishes. Each truck has cooking and refrigeration equipment necessary for different types of foods.

Trucks include ventilation, fans, and other air circulation equipment necessary to keep the food preparation staff comfortable in most weather conditions. The truck’s side opens with counters for orders and pick-ups but people do not eat in the truck. Customers can keep a safe distance from each other while waiting for their orders.

Vehicle Customization

Legion can convert any type of truck into a specialized food service vehicle.  This includes old school buses, delivery trucks and vans, and other service vehicles. A truck can be designed from the ground up with any type of frame. Fabricators, installers, and electricians will create the truck to meet the needs of any food business.

The exterior of the food truck is extremely important to convey the offered cuisine. Legion has a team of graphic designers and project managers to give each food truck its unique identity. This on-the-road advertising will call attention to the vehicle with innovative graphics and colors. Legion has created trucks for fast-food franchisees and other major businesses with brand recognition. 

Legion Food Trucks offers a free guide on food truck financing to help people get started in this profitable enterprise or expand an existing business. The Los Angeles based company has been in business for over 27 years.