We all know how expensive dental treatments are, of course we can save time and money with a Tijuana dentist but even with this option available we must be more careful of what we put in our mouth, actually not everyone knows that there are foods that can destroy our teeth, so better keep reading you may find something you didn’t expect.
Let’s start with the easy: everyone knows that sugar is the big culprit when it comes to tooth decay and how the bacteria in our mouth convert sugars into acid which can dissolve calcium from your enamel, a process called demineralization. If this process continues you eventually lose enough tooth structure to develop a hole in your tooth. Even mints, cough drops or hard candies that you suck are bad for your teeth; you should consider getting sugar-free versions.
Other things you should avoid are the sticky candy: gummy bears, bits of chewy toffee or even chocolate, unfortunately even sticky things that are good for you, such as dried fruit. If you’re compelled to eat something from this category, follow it up by brushing your teeth.
If you prefer sour to sweet, you could still be in danger of ruining your teeth. Citrus fruit are quite acidic, so if you suck on them and chew on them for longer periods of time, you are demineralizing your enamel right away. That’s right, not only does the sugar in the lemons turn acidic in your mouth, they’re acidic’ and harm your teeth’ to begin with.
Also most carbonated soft drinks, including diet soda, are acidic and therefore, bad for your teeth. Caffeinated beverages, such as colas can also dry out your mouth. You just don’t have to keep the soda in your mouth for extended periods of time, or have the habit of swishing the soda around your teeth before swallowing, If you do consume soft drinks, try to drink alongside a cup of water. In addition, keep a stash of straws on hand at all times, to keep the liquid away from your teeth as much as possible.
If you love chewing ice you must know that chewing on hard substances can leave your teeth vulnerable to a dental emergency and damage enamel. And talking about chewing, who doesn’t love the nice, satisfying crunch of a potato chip? Unfortunately potato chips are filled with starch, which tends to get trapped in your teeth. If you choose to indulge in snacks like these, take extra care when you floss that day to remove all the food particles that can lead to plaque build-up.

Alcohol not only affects your brain, also causes dehydration and dry mouth. People who drink excessively may find their saliva flow is reduced over time, which can lead to tooth decay and other oral infections such as gum disease.

And for last but not least important: coffee, it’s true that coffee and tea can be healthy beverage choices but by drinking too much can also dry out your mouth, also stain your teeth. If you do consume, make sure to drink plenty of water after.