When we think of happy hour Austin possibilities, we tend to think of great deals on craft drinks and food. And while these may be the most important components of any amazing happy hour deal in Austin, your overall enjoyment and value will actually stem from other areas such as ambiance, menu uniqueness, and price.

The people have spoken, and multiple surveys reveal that the best happy hour Austin deals at French restaurants dominate the city in terms of value and growing popularity.

Happy Hour Austin Drink Specials

Finding a great happy hour Austin spot for good deals on craft cocktails, beer and wine is ideal. Not only do you have variety for yourself, but this way there is a drink deal for anyone in your group with their own taste preference. Most happy hour Austin spots tend to specialize in cocktails or beer. But why limit yourself? Look for a happy hour Austin location that has a variety of drink specials of all types, to satisfy all types of people.

The Best Happy Hour Austin Offers Should be Gourmet All the Way

Half off on a Bud Light and giant pretzel might prove to be a decent happy hour, but a great happy hour is when you get a generous discount on craft beverages and gourmet food. Luxurious happy hour Austin deals will include luxury delights like oysters, lobsters, and other decadent delectables. French restaurants are known for having these items, as well as other luxury items like crab remoulade. They are also known for having the best wine and beer selections with outstanding craft cocktails.

You can find any happy hour Austin deal that give you a Coors and a big plate of tater tots for under five dollars. But we’ve all been there, and done that. Create added value in your happy hour Austin experience and explore the French restaurants in the city known for their cocktails, wine, and authentic French food items.

Why Happy Hour in Austin?

If you are planning a special night out with a group of friends, or a work group, Austin can be an expensive city for feeding multiple people. This is one of many reasons why happy hour Austin spots are so heavily sought after. They are affordable options for groups of people who want to have fun, enjoy great food and beverages, but not pay through the roof. Happy hours in Austin are especially popular for corporate events, as the company won’t have to write a huge check and there will likely be an ideal drink and food item for everyone present, so long as the right happy hour spot is booked.

Do your research. Call several happy hour Austin spots, ask how their food and beverages are unique from others in the city, and seek something outside the box for a memorable night of fun!