The answers are not always in books, nor do one of those recently graduated chefs. These cooking secrets are only known with daily communication with grandmothers and mothers, so it is important to talk a lot with them and write down everything they tell in a notebook. The best cooking secret is to be in your kitchen with your materials and ingredients, if you do not like your kitchen you can move to another house with a bigger or nice kitchen and look for a nice house for sale in Baja.

We collect some of the advice we have heard over the years in the realization of these pages and here we pass them, as many of our readers have requested


Cooking more than a craft is an art and when you want to experiment with it, prepare your mind to the imagination, to the mixture of colors, flavors and texture. You will be surprised with what you can prepare.

– If the beans boil and do not soften, place a little coarse salt on the lid of the pot.

– So that the tostones or patacones are crispy, after you flatten them, sprinkle them with cold water before putting them back in the pan to finish frying them.

– The egg whites rise faster if they are at room temperature and add a few drops of lemon juice or a few grains of salt to beat.

– If the oven does not reach the right temperature when baking cakes, biscuits or cakes, these go up the sides and remain with the center sunken. Make sure the oven is hot.

– For the cilantro to last longer in the refrigerator, dry it well with paper towels and store it in glass jars.

– To give a better flavor to the mashed potatoes, add it when the potatoes are still hot. They absorb the flavors better.

– Store the strawberries in the refrigerator in plastic baskets to circulate the air and last longer.

– When you prepare zucchini with pasta, make the sauce of the pasta thicker, because usually the zucchini release water and tend to water the sauce.

– To make pasta in salad, choose the largest pasta shapes and season when the pasta is still hot.

– The best oils for frying are those of peanuts, canola and sesame flowers.