Cocoa is an ancestral food and has historically been used as a source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Mamas and taitas have learned for generations that it is good for the heart, to end depression, it is also beneficial for the skin, relieves muscle pain, eliminates fluid retention and helps prevent miscarriages.
It is also recommended to take the hot cocoa to recover from childbirth, after a weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico or when it is in the stage of menopause.
The technologists in Andean medicine agree that cocoa must be taken up as a food that is present in the daily diet of families to maintain good health. In intercultural medicine, cocoa is used as a source of vitamin for women who are about to give birth, who have attempted abortion and certain malnutrition.
Previously they used cocoa to liquefy with consecrated wine, chonta, milk, panela and an egg, everything was given to drink to pregnant women as a source of vitamins during pregnancy and with calories the risks of abortion were avoided.
This old recipe is still used as an important food during pregnancy, breast recommend and ensure that it is a powerful ancestral medicine.
Another way to use chocolate is in poultices or poultices, you can mix the chocolate with zhima corn flour, heat it and then stick it on your belly, like a poultice “to be fed through the pores to get the cold out. ”
The expert in ancestral medicine also added that, as time passes, the knowledge is expanded and is also used to make infusions to calm nerves.
It can also be taken very hot to recover after childbirth. Consuming the seeds is also used as a source of calcium and magnesium. Many women eat the bitter cocoa to serve as an antioxidant, midwives also use it as an ingredient to prevent abortion. Pure cocoa is one of the foods that can be obtained in any market and that should be consumed to maintain good health.