Amalgam has been around for over 150 years, and it’s been controversial ever since its preliminary use in dentistry. Amalgam is simply a mix of metal powder (principally silver with some copper and tin) and liquid mercury. When this mix is combined, it forms a type of paste that’s easy to mildew and shape. In a couple of minutes, the combination hardens to a sturdy filling. The mercury is chemically certain to the fabric. However, there has always been concern concerning the mercury element. Mercury, as an element, is thought to be poisonous. But, what makes ANY material poisonous to humans is the DOSE. How a lot does it take to be poisonous to humans? And, studies have proven that a very minuscule amount of mercury can escape from amalgam fillings over time with Sanoviv Dental Amalgam Removal. The question then becomes, is the quantity of mercury emanating from amalgam fillings in a excessive sufficient dose to be a concern?